Extended Loft Opening


From £145 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

Is your existing loft hatch too small or in the wrong position? Maybe, you don’t even have a hatch! Then let Loft Ladder Man Rapid Response Loft Ladders come to the rescue.
Optional: Lath & plaster ceilings incur a £50 additional fee due to complexity and time needed.

From £199 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

3hrs average fitting time

Loft Hatch

Extended Loft Opening

2hrs average fitting time

Extended loft hatch opening into plasterboard ceiling including extending, rebuilding, relining with pine timer and architrave finish on our new frame work.

From £145 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

Please note: Due to the added difficulty and time, an additional charge of £50 all inclusive is required for enlarged or extended loft opening into Lath & plaster ceiling.

Lath & plaster is the “old fashion” way ceilings were created (before plasterboard was used). Lath & plaster ceilings are usually found in homes constructed in early 1900s (up until circa 1930) and victorian times.

All For Only £199 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

“If you are unsure if your ceiling is lath & plaster or plasterboard, a simple way to check is too feel the top side of your ceiling from inside your loft. If it is smooth it is most likely plasterboard.”
3hrs average fitting time

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Smart

loft hatch opening

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