loft hatch timber reline

Loft Hatch Reline (Timber)


From £45 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

30mins average fitting time

If you existing loft hatch is framed with plastic or metal or the timber framework is tired or poorly constructed, then we are more than happy to replace it with new timber for you…

Loft Hatch Reline With Timber

Loft Extras

1hr average fitting time
This item is “add-on” item only!

A timber ‘reline’ is required to hang a new, FREE, plywood hinge-down loft trap door, when the existing loft hatch cover pushes UP into the loft and is made from plastic or metal.

All For £45 - Supplied & Fully Fitted

“If you would like a loft ladder and your existing loft hatch is made from plastic or metal and your hatch cover pushes UP into the loft, then you would require a timber reline to successfully hang your new, FREE hinge-down loft trap door.”

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Ladder Man

loft hatch reline

When Do I Need A Timber Reline?

Any loft ladder requires a hinge-down loft trap door. All of the loft ladders we supply & fit here atLoft Smart – Rapid Response Loft Ladders include a FREE upgraded plywood hinge-down loft trap door.

If you already have a hinge-down loft door (be it timber, metal or plastic), that is excellent. If you don’t but your existing loft hatch framework is made from timber, we will construct a new bespoke hinge-down door for you and hang it on your existing timber framework.

If, however in some cases, your existing loft hatch and frame is constructed from either plastic or metal and the loft hatch cover pushes up into your loft (see photograph), then a timber reline is required. The reason for a timber reline is simply so we can successfully and securely hang your new FREE door, so you can easily access your new loft ladder.
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