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Only the best loft ladders! – Although there are many different manufacturers of loft ladders, there are basically only 6 different types of loft ladder:

  • Basic aluminium 2 section loft ladder
  • Aluminium 3 section loft ladder
  • Concertina loft ladder
  • Deluxe 2 section loft ladder
  • Telescopic loft ladder
  • Timber loft ladder (folding or straight)
Reviews – Loft Ladder Man – Rapid Response Loft Ladders…

Only The Best, Loft Ladder Reviews.

Thanks to Loft Smart – Rapid Response Loft Ladder’s many years of working and the tens of thousands of loft ladders we have professionally supplied & fitted, we have a wealth of knowledge of the good, the bad and the spiteful.

There’s an old saying that ‘if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right’ and that is exactly the positive attitude we take and what we’ve built Loft Smart – Rapid Response Loft Ladders on.

It doesn’t seem logical or honest to offer a wide range of the same type of loft ladder, for example Aluminium 3 section loft ladders, when our experience tells us one of those loft ladders is far superior, far safer and much better value for our customers than the rest!

Many times a customer would ask us ‘what would we do?’, so that being said, here’s our quick glance, honest review of the loft ladders we DO supply & fit and those we DON’T! ​
easiway 3 section loft ladder
loft ladder man 5 star rating


3 Section Loft Ladder

3 Section Loft Ladder – WINNER EASIWAY – Supplied & Fitted ​ “In our professional opinion, Youngman’s aluminium Easiway loft ladder is by far the best 3 section entry level loft ladder available.

It simply ticks all the boxes and, if this loft ladder fits and it is just easy access to your loft you require, we say ‘save your money and go for this loft ladder all day long!’. It is as easy as a loft ladder gets to use, has lovely flat treads, metal safety catches, smooth gliding safety pivot arm & NO sharp edges!

It is extremely sturdy, an amazingly low price &, once again, in our opinion no other 3 section loft ladder comes close… it’s absolutely perfect!”
2hrs average fitting time

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Ladder Man – FULLY INSTALLED FOR ONLY £199 all inclusive


Concertina Loft Ladder

“Concertina loft ladders are classed as ‘problem solving loft ladders’. They are usually fitted when a traditional type of loft ladder (like the Easiway) doesn’t have enough room to store away inside the loft – due to an obstruction (water tank, wall etc). The concertina loft ladder basically closes up on itself and doesn’t require any additional storage space.

It stores safely within your loft hatch area, out of sight, above the closed loft hatch door. In our opinion, Dolle’s Alufix loft ladder is by far the best in the concertina loft ladder range. It is incredibly robust, sturdy, easy to use and with also include a FREE upgraded metal sash operating pole hook to replace the weak supplied plastic hook. ​
2hrs average fitting time

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Ladder Man – FULLY INSTALLED FOR ONLY £299 all inclusive

alufix concertina loft ladder
loft ladder man 5 star rating
deluxe heavy duty loft ladder
loft ladder man 5 star rating


Heavy Duty Loft Ladder

“The name says it all.  Youngman’s 2 section Deluxe loft ladder is, in our professional opinion, the best loft ladder in the luxury range.  We call it the ‘Grandfather of all loft ladders’.  It does require more storage space than any other loft ladder and is usually more suited for larger properties (4 bedroom houses plus) but, if you have the room, it is truly a wonderful loft ladder.

Wide deep treads, sturdier than any other loft ladder, two lovely handrails, a longer operating pole, two spring assisted safety pivot arms and the highest ceiling to ceiling reach.  Easily 5 stars!”
3hrs average fitting time

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Ladder Man – FULLY INSTALLED FOR ONLY £379 all inclusive


Telescopic Loft Ladder

“This is the world’s first telescopic loft ladder.  Amazingly engineered, it works along the same principle as the Alufix concertina loft ladder and is a ‘problem solver’ as it requires very little storage space & sits above your closed hinge-down loft trap door.

 Where as the Alufix folds on itself, the telescopic loft ladder (as the name suggests) has sections that slide into each other.  If we had to choice between the Telescopic or Alufix loft ladder, we would choice the Alufix. Although it may not look as desirable, we believe the Alufix is more robust, harder working & better value for money.”
2hrs average fitting time

Supplied & Fitted by Loft Ladder Man – FULLY INSTALLED FOR ONLY £399 all inclusive

telesteps telescopic loft ladder
loft ladder man 4/5 stars
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loft ladder fall
no wooden ladders

Basic 2 Section Loft Ladder

The two biggest reasons we don’t supply & fit what we believe to be inferior, basic 2 sections loft ladders is value for money for our customers and health & safety reasons. Many cheap 2 section loft ladders are, in our opinion, less sturdy and quite often have sharp edges (once the plastic caps fall off). They usually work on a counter-balance ‘see-saw’ action with no anti-drop or anti-swing safety precautions! Our most popular loft ladder is the Youngman Easiway 3 section loft ladder which we supply & fit for a lower price then some companies fit a cheap 2 section loft ladder.

As, in our professional opinion, the Easiway is by far a more superior loft ladder than any basic 2 section loft ladder (in fact, we believe the Easiway is the best 3 section loft ladder) plus it is a lot sturdier, requires less storage space and includes anti-drop and anti-swing safety precautions, there is absolutely no reason to offer our customers a loft ladder that we wouldn’t have in our very own homes!”

Timber / Wooden Loft Ladders

“Again, two of the biggest reasons we don’t supply & fit a timber loft ladder is value for money for our customers and health & safety reasons. We have lost count of the amount of times a customer has asked us to replace their broken timber loft ladder (not fitted by us) with a metal one. Most timber loft ladders come as a complete unit including door, framework etc, this can result in costly ceiling renovations to make good.

A timber loft ladder is usually a lot heavier and, in our opinion, cumbersome and awkward to operate. Many don’t have any anti-drop safety precautions plus they can get dirty very quickly, split or splinter and, in many cases, the teeth nut fixings can eat through the soft timber resulting in spinning – which can be virtually impossible to professionally repair.

Yes, we admit a timber loft ladder can look appealing but in terms of value for money, practicality, ease of use and health & safety reasons, our honest, professional advice would be to always stick to a quality metal loft ladder.”

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